Maps for tour operators and publishers

Tour operators and publishers are always trying to find attractive ways to present dream destinations to their customers. offers everything from street-level presentation of a hotel location to multi-country overview maps.

Intuitive drawing tools allow individual points of interest to be added to maps manually, or imported from databases.

Sample map of cologne city
Example map of Cologne's city center, including various points of interest.

Online and print applications

Along with high-resolution files for perfectly crisp prints, offers embed codes and an API, which allow maps to be easily integrated into websites.

Clicking the interactive tour symbol displays the route.
Stadtplan Paris hochaufgelöst in einem Reiseführer.
The same map as a high-resolution city map in a printed travel guide.

Drawing tools

Our integrated drawing tools allow you to color cities and regions, or add locations, tour routes and labels, with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Multi-country overview map
Multi-country overview map also offers a comprehensive library of the most important pictograms for points of interest.

The size and color of marked areas can be set individually, so there is no need to edit the map in an additional graphics program.

The mapz search function allows locations and areas to be marked at the click of a mouse. Countries and continents can be highlighted instantly using country codes.


Numerous processes can be fully automated using the API. It makes it easy to integrate maps in your pre-print workflow using simple database-driven retrieval.

For example, you can automatically update maps with POIs shortly before the publication of a travel guide or catalog, and add the same maps to your website. Online maps will be updated dynamically every time you make a change to your POI database or we amend our cartographic data.

This route was imported to from a smartphone tracking app. For additional information about the tour, click on the route symbol, a section of the route or a POI.

A simple command offers access to high resolution maps for print production using our print API. For subsequent print productions and updated editions, you can download new files at the touch of button, update image files from Adobe InDesign or Quark XPress and start production immediately using the latest data.

→ Further information about the API
→ Further information about the print API

The mapz API allows the integration of maps into websites and mobile apps.   

Overview of mapz functions

  • Kartendownload und interaktive Einbindung
  • Global map material in a variety of designs
  • Includes rights of use for print and online applications
  • Uniform design (across scales and media)
  • Intuitive map design with 20 zoom levels
  • Embed function for portals and microsites
  • Programming interface (API) for database connections
  • Print-API für den automatisierten Download hochaufgelöster Daten
  • Automatic text adjustment at map edges
  • Numerous POIs (points of interest) already included
  • Locations, lines and areas can be imported using GeoCoordinates
  • Integrated drawing, radius and labeling functions
  • Choice of image and vector files, with resolutions of 200 or 400 dpi in PDF, PNG, JPG or EPS formats
  • Free layout files (100 dpi)
  • Prices scaled according to data quality
  • Pay-per-download and flat-rate packages
  • Collaborative functions