Print production and design service is a operated by the publisher Kober-Kümmerly+Frey. We are a full-service provider of cartographic products with an emphasis on custom design.                                                                          offers professionally designed global map material for immediate download. Our round-the-clock map download portal is the ideal tool for most screen and print design applications.

Of course, there are tasks that can be best accomplished in direct cooperation with our cartographers and production staff. Whether you have special requirements regarding appearance and content, or the rights of use have to be adapted to your specific needs, we will support you in the conception, design and production of tailored map solutions.

Our extensive library of maps and special data processing technologies help us to meet your needs, however unusual. We’re also happy to take on administrative tasks and handle whole projects or print production processes.             

Print production and full service

custom made city map

Where required, we can fulfil complete orders. Whether you want to commission a traditional cartographic print project, or need packaging, delivery, address management or logistical services, we offer comprehensive advice and support, from first contact through to delivery. Our experienced team of cartographers, commercial managers, designers, editors and print specialists work hand-in-hand with a network of selected suppliers to achieve the best possible results.

Our products are always tailored to the customer’s needs – we don’t offer “off the shelf” solutions. That means individual items generally serve as samples. Folding maps can be produced with a minimum print run of 1,000, although unit prices become more attractive when the run exceeds approximately 3,000 items. Those figures are lower for wall maps: production runs of 100 are possible, but we recommend a run of at least 500 units to ensure competitive prices.

Folded maps

No other format can match the overall view provided by a folding map! Of course, we would never give up our digital helpers, but an empty battery or lack of internet access often makes a physical paper map invaluable.

Formats that many people had written off, like traditional notebooks, are experiencing a renaissance, and a community of fans remains loyal to the good old folding map. Whether an open or closed format, our classic folding maps, including the credit-card sized “CheckMap”, its bigger brother, the “SmartCard”, along with the “MiniQuickMap”, which features clever index flaps, and the star-fold map, are a perfect solution for city, regional and country maps.

Faltkarte Marketing Werbemittel
City, regional, country and street maps: Folding maps can show large areas and fit into any pocket.


Wall maps are often used in interior design. Whether a poster for the home or an attractive addition to a meeting room: High-quality, large-format maps are a real eye-catcher.

Large-format one-off items or map wallpaper

We can give one-off items a high-quality, decorative aluminum frame. And we offer magnetic, pin board and dry-wipe variants, for individual labelling. The range includes everything from purely decorative wall hangings to professional location maps for companies. Some images are suitable for wall paper prints, which can be pasted to the wall in the usual way.

Weltkarte als Wandkarte
Large-format world map in the meeting room

Map posters

custom made map poster with hanging strips

Map posters are usually produced in runs and in sizes between DIN A2 and DIN A0. They can be printed double-sided, with a variety of finishes and hanging strips, individually packaged and shipped, and make an ideal promotional item.

We can customize the colors and content of the map to meet your needs. Promotional imagery can be screen printed into the advertising border of pre-printed items, or integrated directly into the map image. Delivery options include hanging strips, rolling and boxes suitable for shipping.

Poster Wandkarte beleistet
The colors and content of world and Europe maps can be adapted to your needs.

Customized city, regional and country maps

Our cartographic products are specifically designed for adaptation to your design guidelines, and city, regional and country maps can be customized with additional content. The amount of work involved in the design of a specific product varies depending on the task, but can be accurately estimated in advance. Once the briefing, coordination and design process are complete, we will deliver the high-resolution image files or start production.

Stadtplan Messe Berlin
An example of customer-specific location highlighting: the Berlin ExpoCenter City

We offer the following additional services:

  • Location highlighting using address lists or manuscripts
  • Adaptation of colors
  • Additional or reduced content
  • Optimization of labels
  • Integration of reference grids, street and location indexes, and legends
  • Inclusion of data from your geographic information system (GIS)
  • Generalization of map data, creation of thematic maps

World, continent and country maps

Historische Weltkarte als Sonderanfertigung
Antique-style world map, Mercator projection offers downloads in a limited number of formats. However, we are happy to create large format world and Europe maps as customized one-off items. We offer such maps in two forms: The physical version shows the altitudes of landmasses and depths of oceans, while the political version highlights countries. A shaded relief showing elevation can also be applied if required. Standard labelling is available in English and German.

Our world maps are available in a variety of projections (e.g. the Mercator and Winkel projections). Whether you need customized colors or an individual style, we are happy to discuss your requirements!

Weltkarte Mesereor Klimawandel
A Winkel projection world map

For more examples and inspiration explore our map design & demo files or visit Kober-Kümmerly+Frey at (german language only).


Please feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas. We’ll advise you about the possibilities and send you samples from current projects. Please use our contact form or contact us directly:

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