In short: Higher quality map downloads (resolutions higher than 100 dpi or vectors files) are subject to fees.

Meanwhile, use of maps with lower resolutions (100 dpi) is generally free – regardless whether for commercial or personal purposes.                                     

For details regarding free and paid use, see our General terms & conditions mapz.                                     

Individual downloads

mapz.com allows you to download high-resolution maps to your computer. When you download a map, you also receive rights of use for printed materials and have the option to add interactive maps to your website using embed codes.                                  

The fees for paid downloads depend on the format and quality of the map data. We differentiate between pixel files with resolutions of 200 or 400 dpi (optionally as a Photoshop file with a separate text layer) and vector files.

Resolution Price per square centimeter
200 dpi € 0.14
400 dpi € 0.52
Vector files € 0.82

For example: A 10x10 cm map with a resolution of 400 dpi costs 10 x 10 x € 0.52 = € 52.00
The minimum price of a map is € 14.95

Use our fee calculation tool to check the price of your map                                     

Total (including VAT)

Flat rate

For customers that use map material regularly in their projects, we offer flat-rate tariffs tailored to their specific needs. Our flat-rate tariffs are heavily discounted, compared to individual downloads, and can be used by entire companies, whether in the communications, real estate or tourism industry. For more details, please feel free to call us or get in touch using our contact form an. Once we have discussed your specific needs, we will make you an obligation-free offer.                                     


App and web developers use our API, to automatically integrate our maps into their applications and add additional information from databases. mapz.com can provide maps as high-performance Retina-resolution files.                                     

All our maps are also available via a WebMapService, which allows easy integration into GIS or business intelligence systems, such as Qlik, Tableau or Sisense.                                     

API and WMS use
€ 60.00 per month up to 250,000 map impressions at 256 x 256 pixels/512 x 512 pixels
€ 0.05 per month for every thousand further impressions

No minimum contract period, cancellation with a month’s notice.
Tariffs for projects with more than 10,000,000 monthly impressions are available on request.
The prices mentioned refer to a pure screen display of the maps.