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    Walking time 

    Rastatt has 922 km of streets and paths. If you wanted to walk them all, assuming you walked four kilometers an hour, eight hours a day, it would take you 29 days. And, when you need to get home there are 146 bus and tram stops, and subway and railway stations in Rastatt.


    Assuming that every kilometer of street in Rastatt has an average of 33 street lamps with 50W of power, then Rastatt has more than 30,434 street lamps, which use 1.5 megawatts of electricity per hour. Over a number of years, that adds up to the amount of energy produced by a volcanic eruption.

    Local recreation 

    With a total area of 0.5 square kilometers, public green spaces and parks make up 0.9% of Rastatt’s total area, 59 square kilometers. That means each of Rastatt’s 47,110 residents has an average of 11.1 square meters – less than most large Zoo animals!


    When people in Rastatt want to go out, they are spoilt for choice; the city has more than 119 cafés, restaurants, bars, ice-cream parlors, beer gardens, cinemas, nightclubs and theatres. If they were all lined up along a single street, it would need to be at least 1 km long.


    More than 66 sights and monuments, and far more than 213 retailers, mean there is plenty of sightseeing to do in Rastatt. Feeling tired? After a hard day visiting all the cultural attractions in the city, shopping or a night at the theatre, Rastatt offers more than 20 hotels, youth hostels and camp sites.
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